Bridget regan and craig horner dating interview

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I was a bit scared going into it — “Oh gosh, what am I in for, what am I doing? It was scary and exciting, and I thought I should do this, take the plunge. It’s so different than New York — I mean, I live in a house with a yard, where I lived in an apartment the size of my closet. There are Americans there, and there’s diversity in New Zealand, but it’s certainly not like New York, where it’s such a melting pot. Last time we saw Richard and Kahlan, they defeated Darken Rahl. It’s kind of funny, I think we were all expecting a cliffhanger at the end of Season 1, and it felt like we won.

It’s actually turned out to be really, really cool, and I’m proud that I did it, because it wasn’t an easy decision to pack up my life and move. It was one room, and it was above a pizza place on 14th and 7th in Manhattan. We did it, and now we’re patting each other on the back. I went to the emergency room last year when I accidentally punched a shield during a fight.

This is what happens when fans want the actors who play certain characters on a show to get together because their on- (and sometimes off-) screen chemistry just makes them look so gosh-darn cute. Finn Jones: "I've got to say that I don't dig beards that much, I think without the beard he'd be a nine out of ten? I've got quite a soft face, and it can kind of give you a bit of chafage, but I would say, no disrespect Gethin, but if you lost the beard a nine, with the beard probably a five." Allison Mack: Yeah!

If someone actually has the gall to suggest this to an actor personally, expect an irritated I Am Not Spock response to follow.

"You're comparing everything to how good the last one was. As Thanksgiving came to a close in last week's episode, Sean ended their second go around and went back to Paige with his hat (and tacos) in hand. She's going to like that he has a good job and is very polite," Horner says.Note that the fact one or both partners may be in a relationship or even married to other people, or perhaps is even of different sexual orientations to one another is irrelevant. In either case, sometimes these ships will actually set sail. There are generally three kinds of real-person shippers: the ones who know that it's all just fiction and ship it for fun/because it's hot, the ones who think there really is some Unresolved Sexual Tension to be had but know that it most likely won't ever get resolved (and proceed to ship it for fun/because it's hot), and the ones who truly believe that the people in question are copulating like bunnies when the cameras are off. A fan of the latter type is known derogatorily in some circles as a "Tinhat" and can often be recognised by their conspiracy theories about evil PR people/network execs/whatever forcing the two actors to keep their relationship a secret.

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