Dating multiple women

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If you love women, enjoy feminine company, and are just not looking for a serious relationship at this time, then go right ahead.

If, however, you have some bitterness or anger towards women and feel like you want to “get one over” on them, this is not the way to do it.

In other circumstances, there are guys who love to date multiple women and they do not necessarily have to talk about it to the several women they date.

If you want to date multiple women but you are not sure of how to date multiple women, the following will guide you through how to do it in a smart way and avoid scandals.

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It’s not an exaggeration that the cover of this book comes with a disclaimer: “Warning: This Book is Going to Harm Your Beliefs.” Everything that you thought you knew about women and about dating is going to change after you read this book.

What would dating be like if you could decide the rules?

On the deepest level, men are biologically programmed to want to sleep with as many partners as possible. How to Date Multiple Women (And Still Find the Woman of Your Dreams) is Joshua Pellicer’s guide to dating as many women as you want, in a way that is honest, satisfying, and without pain for any party involved.

You can either decide to be open and tell the women you are dating that you are seeing other women or you can take the risk and live the deceptive life and sneak about. Indicate that you are not looking for a serious relationship yet There are women and men who do not mind the open relationships.

You can try being open if you are confident and courageous to go that far.

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