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Depending on the usage of the machine, you might need a web server, a graphical desktop or anything in between.One of the best features of BSD is that there is a clear separation between the base system and external software. There are (at least) two ways to install third party software: with binary packages or with ports.done (0 conflicting) Your packages are up to date ... And I must admit that I am a real noob in BSD-things.pkg: fstat() failed for(/usr/local/include/X11/Xalloca.h): No such file or directory pkg: fstat() failed for(/usr/local/include/X11/Xarch.h): No such file or directory pkg: fstat() failed for(/usr/local/include/X11/Xatom.h): No such file or directory pkg: fstat() failed for(/usr/local/include/X11/Xdefs.h): No such file or directory ... I come from the Linux-World, but can't be called a pro there. (which is used for regression testing and contains a list of files this package is expected to contain once it is built).

It's been copied and imitated by others, and is the basis of Open BSD's ports, Net BSD's pkgsrc, Dragon Fly BSD's dports and even Gentoo Linux's portage. After that, you can keep your tree up to date by issuing: For more information and options, see the portsnap man page.Keep in mind that you shouldn't use both portmaster and portupgrade at the same time (though it is possible with some extra work).Given that you are using pcbsd, you can install mono and fsharp from the package manager without any manual compilation.[[email protected]] ~# pkg update Updating local repository catalogue...pkg: file:///usr/ports/packages/meta.txz: No such file or directory repository local has no meta file, using default settings pkg: file:///usr/ports/packages/packagesite.txz: No such file or directory Unable to update repository local [[email protected]] ~# pkg upgrade Updating local repository catalogue...

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